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Founded in 2013, we are a global Gen Z studio: with advertising agency, production company, media division, digital platform and original content focused on authentically reaching the teen and youth audience with commercial and entertainment-driven content made by youth for youth. Adolescent functions as a traditional production company, as well as a think tank for brands and ad agencies. We wrap our arms around conception of ideas and execution for print, broadcast, branded content videos and original series. By bringing together teams of youth, we help ideate concepts targeted at young people. Our digital strategy team uses their expertise across all platforms to target the Gen Z and Millennial audience. By overseeing ideation to distribute, we streamlined the process to be more efficient and cost-effective. Our collective approach mentors new talent and incubates youth-oriented connection for brands. We represent dozens of the most talented Gen Z and Gen Y Creators in the world. We create high production value commercials, branded content, photographs, social media assets, web series, and films. We surround our Creators with the best crews in the industry and the results are stunning.

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