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Lucky Locksmith
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Late Night Lock Out

There I was, three miles from my apartment in St. Louis, typing into my phone "locksmith near me" and "locked keys in car." Yes, you guessed it. I was coming home from an evening shift, tired and needing some sort of a pick-me-up, so I made a quick stop to grab a soda and when I got back to my car, my keys were not in my pocket! Wouldn't you know it? What a sick, sinking feeling! I retraced my steps and didn't find them, and I suddenly had a silly thought. Did I leave them in the car? That would be so uncharacteristic of me, but I looked through the driver-side window and yes, right there on the passenger seat, where I had apparently carelessly tossed them in my haste, my keys lay, quietly mocking me. I needed a car locksmith and I needed one bad.

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